Miniature Texas Longhorns
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Miniature Longhorns

Miniature  Texas Longhorn Cattle

We are very excited about our herd we looked long and hard for horn, color, and now we are working on our size.  We also hand picked our herd and most of them come from the top breeder in the nation.  Hopefully we will do well in these with the good Lord leading us along the way. 

He is one of the Top Bulls,
if not the BEST Bull in the Country.

LLL Royal Flush  44" of horn TTT

We are building our herd from some of the top breeders in the USA combining these lines should make some of  the best Miniature Texas Longhorns in the USA!

 Miniature Texas Longhorn Cows


   IM Miss Cookies & Cream: 05/2007 she will be one of our future cows.  She has the breeding and she is brindle colored, and she is only 35" tall and she is really nice, she will be a great addition to our herd.
    Pelon: 07/2005 she is a new addition to our herd we are very excited to have her, she is under 37"tall and has over 47.5" of horn TTT.  She should calf later this summer and we will also be putting her out with our new herd bull.
  Scarlett: 05/2006 she is a new addition to our herd we are also very excited about her and her soon to be calf.  She is 38" and has over 46" of horn TTT and still growing nice black tips.
LLL Roxanna Biscuit: 03/08 she is the color we have been looking for and should really give that brindle we are after with Royal Flush, wait until you see her summer coat.  She is just coming into her horns still growing.
       LLL Miss Dottie: 08/30/07 she is what we have been waiting for YES she is a daughter of Miss Dollie from IM Ranch where we purchased her after she was born.  She looks like her mother same color pattern with more white, she has great horn measurements coming. 

Miss Dixie Belle 3: 07/2007 she is a beauty  she is the smallest 35" tall with great color, she was definitaly worth the wait.  She is the smallest of our up coming addition to our herd.

    LLL Carmel Cream: 06/09 she going to be a great combination with our bull we will get color size and horns wea after she also will has the brindle we are after.
Hotshot: 06/2005 our longest horned cow over 51" TTT  She is SOLD we no longer have her she is listed for reference to our breeding program which she has past on to a number of out herd.



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